Saturday, 15 March 2014

How to Turn Off Find my iPhone From Computer

The Find my iPhone feature is used for locating lost devices and is automatically enabled by all iPhones running iOS 7. While the Find my iPhone service is a very helpful tool for those who have misplaced their iPhone it sometimes is a nuisance to disable. There is a setting under iCloud on the iPhone itself to turn off Find my iPhone, but there are other ways to disable the service from a computer.
One of the major reasons that a user may need to disable Find my iPhone is if they have forgotten the passcode to their iPhone. With the Find my iPhone service enabled there is no way for the user to restore their phone without first turning off Find my iPhone. Another reason that someone might need to disable Find my iPhone is if they gave the phone to a friend or relative and forgot to delete their data off it first.
By taking a few easy steps you can easily disable Find my iPhone from any computer. All that is required to disable the service is your Apple ID, and turning off the iPhone that you wish to remove from Find my iPhone.

How to Turn Off Find my iPhone

The very first step in disabling Find my iPhone is to turn Off  the device.
After the iPhone is turned off, go to and sign in with your Apple ID.
Enter Apple ID

After signing in, click Find my iPhone if you are not already on that page. Once there, select All Devices. 
Click All Devices

Under the All Devices tab, select the iPhone that you are planning to remove from the list. The device should appear offline, if the iPhone still appears online refresh the page and check that is the correct device you want to remove. After clicking on the iPhone from the list of devices, Click Remove From Account.
Remove From Account
Tap Remove to delete the iPhone from Find my iPhone in iCloud.
Remove iPhone

After the device has been removed the only your other devices that are online should appear in the Find my iPhone list, just like the image below.
Find my iPhone List
It is important to note that after removing the device from Find my iPhone you can no longer track it unless the device comes back online. By removing the device you also cannot erase the iPhone’s data, or have sounds and messages sent to it. If you have restored your iPhone from a backup there may be additional iPhone’s in the all devices list, it is safe to remove them as long as they appear offline.


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